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in Kerkyras

Place: Thessaloniki, Greece
Type: Apartment building

This modern apartment building is located in Thessaloniki close to the university campus. The six-level building is thoughtfully designed to offer functional and aesthetically pleasing living spaces for residents.

Each level offers a combination of 3 larger or smaller apartments. Some apartments extend to a second level, connected by internal staircases, creating spacious interiors.

All apartments in the building are designed to provide residents with an enjoyable living experience. Each apartment features large balconies that either face the front or side façade of the building. The careful attention to balcony design adds a touch of elegance to the building's overall aesthetic.

The ground floor of the apartment building serves as the main entrance, providing a warm welcome to residents and guests. Additionally, it accommodates a dedicated parking area to meet the residents' parking needs conveniently. Moreover, a green area has been incorporated into the ground floor design, offering a serene environment where residents can connect with nature.

The building features a well-planned basement that includes storage spaces for each apartment. These storage areas have been thoughtfully designed to provide ample space to store personal belongings.